2022 Mass for Vocations & Monthly Meeting Schedule

Meeting Mass
February 7.30pm Tues 8th February 7pm Wed 9th February
March 7.30pm Tues 8th March 7pm Wed 9th March
April 7.30pm Tues 12th April
May 7.30pm Tues 10th May
June 7.30pm Tues 14th June
July 7.30pm Tues 12th July
August 7.30pm Tues 9th August
September 7.30pm Tues 13th September
October 7.30pm Tues 11th October 7pm Wed 12th October
November 7.30pm Tues 8th November 7pm Wed 9th November
December 7.30pm Tues 13th December 7pm Wed 14th December

* Our meetings will continue to be held online, with Mass the following evening, at Our Lady & St Michael’s, during the Autumn/Winter months when the evenings get dark earlier. During Spring/Summer months, when the evenings are brighter, we will have Mass followed by an in person meeting.

Download a copy of this schedule here.

2021 Mass for Vocations & Monthly Meeting Schedule


Meeting Mass
July 7.30pm Tues 13th July 7pm Weds 14th July
August 7.30pm Tues 10th August 7pm Weds 11th August
September 7.30pm Tues 14th September 9.30am Tues 14th September
October Mass 7.30pm Tues 12th October followed by in person meeting*
November 7.30pm Tues 9th November 7pm Weds 10th November
December 7.30pm Tues 14th December 7pm Weds 15th December

* In October, we will be having Serra Mass followed by an in person meeting and social gathering (Covid situation and guidelines permitting). More details about this to follow closer to the time.

Please note especially that the September Mass for Vocations will be in the morning on the same day as our meeting.

Download a copy of this schedule here.

Monthly Meetings

The Serra Club of South Herts continues to meet every month, on the second Tuesday of the month. As we are now in the Spring/Summer season, we are once again meeting in person –  if you would like to join us, please do get in touch using the form on the contact page and we will give you the details of our next meeting.

A schedule of our 2022 meetings can be found here.